How Is Low Testosterone Diagnosed?

29/09/2013 17:26

Testosterone is often a sex hormone that performs a crucial act in sex sensitivity of both female and male. Low testosterone not just leads to a reduced sexual drive or libido but in addition results in erection dysfunction. Decreased testosterone begins utilizing a complex chain of impulses which takes place while in the human brain.


The right workout program will preserve or even increase lean muscle tissue to keep one's metabolism firing. You will give a medical and genealogy if he or she doesn't already have it. The only way to determine if you have low levels of testosterone is via a blood test. There's the old adage when we are not using it, we are losing it. It is now extensively recorded that low T level counts do create in men a lessening degree of energy and a lower vitality to be active and exercise inside our normal daily lives. Many men will feel moody, depressed plus a sour outlook on life. This can start happening in men as early as the mid thirties and continue until way late in everyday life if not detected.


 Using steroid drugs, like synthetic testosterone, for sports performance enhancement or as a result of hormone replacement therapy will decrease the body's production of testosterone. You find it hard to knock of extra fat and weight. You lose lean muscle mass and strength and put on pounds specially round the waist. Symptoms of low testosterone that face men include low libido, muscular weakness, fatigue and others. Many men with declining testosterone who are overweight complain of swelling with the breasts, known as gynecomastia.


Low testosterone levels correlate with more risk factors of coronary disease and other serious 'lifestyle diseases' including cancer and diabetes and at least 50 others than any other individual factor in the male body. Tribulus terrestris needs a completely distinct tactic. It may perhaps treat one of the various other factors behind decreased testosterone related towards pituitary gland. Low testosterone that face men is a major problem. While the effects aren't necessarily immediately life threatening, they can make a person feel completely worthless, that may lead him down a road stuffed to travel. High hypertension, obesity, diabetes, infections like syphilis and mumps are a couple of aliments that may cause testosterone low.


It has been observed for several years that men who sit at a desk for hours on end and perform no exercise are frequently listless, tired and down in the dumps in addition to not being as strong and muscular as men who perform more intense activity as part of their work day. If your system is too tired, it's less likely to make as much testosterone because it would once you were feeling stronger plus much more energized. Think about the question, what's male menopause? There's over a dozen signs of andropause as well as perhaps a few can be a little too close for comfort for many men over 35. There is certainly one more interesting factor that coincides using a decline within this male hormone. 

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