Pizza Encino

17/07/2014 11:42

We serve Italian food with good quality ingredients. Our Pizza's are invariably made fresh and hot out from the oven and each of the toppings are fresh cut vegetables and meat. We give customers selecting a thick or thin crust pizza and the choice of any two or three toppings they want, including extra cheese or even a double area of pepperoni. Also we serve a detailed vegetable pizza for vegetarians. We even supply the options that customers choose if the vegetables cooked or cold on toppings. We do not only serve Pizza, also we serve a myriad of pasta such as ravioli, spaghetti, etc. We don't just throw packaged food into the microwave and reheat them. No we make our products yourself!

The employees of always make sure your order is exactly that you want, and you feel like you are near home if you come for lunch or dinner. They will make you happy with their enthusiasms. We feel guilty whenever we not treat our customers well on the phone or even in person. Families and friends will almost always be welcome, since we also have a bar in case you like to drink and be social. If you come the first time, we have to make sure that you have the best seat at home and enjoy. Also we've got deliver service which is more convenient to the customers who can't come, along with your order is still fresh, hot from the oven. We are pleased with being least expensive pizza delivery in Encino area. And still keeping the highest quality ingredients baked into our products. Call today at (818) 906-0597, we can't wait to become at your service!

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Our brand Ameci Pizza continues to be serving the community delicious and authentic pizza for 32 years with this location. We are open 7 days a week, from 10 am to 10 pm supplying you with fresh and tasty meals. We love to create amazing pizzas so we do it well.

"I love ameci pizza, their pizza is excellent and it's really cheap. It's great to be able to come in to get a slice, a salad as well as a soda. I don't get yourself a lot of time on my lunch break and this place is perfect to go if you're in a hurry and still want some tasty food!"